I am a lawyer.

Forget the term attorney.

I am a lawyer and I love laws.Nachael World Photo

I am not the running to the courthouse type of lawyer.  You call that type of lawyer when someone has made a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

When I ran the legal department for a manufacturing company, I actually filed the business cards for litigators under janitorial services.

I am the type of lawyer who uses the law to help people make money.

I do not like hurt people, sad people, or bad people.  So, I do not practice personal injury law, family law, or criminal law.

Some people may honestly believe that they really do not have a need for the law in their daily lives.  But, they are so very wrong.  The law is in every part of your daily lives.  From the speed limit you drive to the length of grass growing in your front yard, not knowing the law can be costly.

I want to introduce people to the law.

I have juggled through the law for years as a commercial attorney.  I have worked for law firms, corporations, and for the government. I have represented manufacturing companies, medical providers, technology companies, and real estate investors.  Over more years than I care to admit, I have learned the value of law.  My world is all about the law.

I am Nachael, a graduate of the George Washington University Law School and Duke University.

Welcome to my world!

This blog is not intended to provide legal advice.  This blog is not a solicitation for legal services.

Nachael’s World is dedicated to providing information and  insight in the laws that determine so much of our daily interactions and business success.

6 comments on “About

  1. You have so much “talent”

  2. This is a great site that will be useful and benificial to many people. Thanks for vision. Now all you need ot do is let the people know where to find you!! Keep up the good work, continue to bless and empower others and God will continue to bless you!!!!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this site. i look forward to keeping up with this site..

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