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£aw in £ife$style


Once upon a time people actually believed the world was flat and would have done just about anything to keep from being pushing over the edge.  People had a different way of dealing with each other before it was known that the earth was round and that gravity existed.  Law and religion were often intertwined to facilitate the daily interactions of people who were often consumed with fears of the unknown.

The acceptance of science has reduced many of the fears that were once common among mankind.  Yet, mankind still experiences certain fears when it comes to daily interactions.  Many laws exist today just to govern how people should interact with each other and the consequences for failing to act in the way that the law dictates.  I like to call these laws “People Laws.”

Criminal law, family law, and personal injury law are not the only types of People Law.

Certain laws such as employment law, privacy law, usury law, consumer protection law, and securities law are all designed to protect a certain group of people in their interactions with others.  An employer might take real advantage of employees if there were not state wage laws and federally mandated safety standards.  Credit card companies and landlords could charge huge amounts of interests for late payments if it were not for usury and consumer protection laws.  And con artists would be ever more common without privacy laws and securities laws.

But not all people laws are designed for mere protection of a given group.  Some people laws are designed to help people make money.

For more information on law that are designed to help you create a better lifestyle, following the £aw in £ifestyle section of Nachael’s World.

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