Help Stop A Federal Court From Ordering A Texas Family District Court to Ignore Texas Law or Risk Federal Sanctions for Ignoring Unconstitutional Federal Bankruptcy Order

  Why would a federal bankruptcy court in Texas order a Texas Family District Court to “determine whether Rental Income is Community or Separate Property” in Texas? Under Texas law, the answer to that question is very simple: Under the plain meaning of Tex. Fam. Code 3.002, Tex. Fam. Code 3.102(a)(2), and Tex. Fam. Code […]

Tax Credits for Rehabbing Old Buildings Are Great

It’s a great time to buy old buildings in Texas. Beginning this year, real estate investors can receive up to 20% in federal income tax credits for rehabilitation projects for historical buildings and 10% for non-historical building rehabilitation. Investors can also save up to 10% of state franchise fees if the rehabilitation is substantial and […]