£aw and Politi¢s


As a REAL struggling single mother of three daughters, I find the media characterizing Wendy Davis as a single mother to be a real slap in the face to all parents who are actually struggling ALONE on a daily basis to get their child(ren) to and from school on time, put food on the table, […]

According to the Huffington Post, gender selection, or “family balancing,” is already a $100 million industry in the US. Since doctor’s are not able to determine the gender of a baby until after the 16th week of pregnancy, it seems that gender selection would play a vital role in anyone waiting until after they could […]

Same Sex Marriage Should be Treated like Polygamous Marriage Not Interracial Marriage

Today my inbox has been filled with shouts of victory in the fight for what many have labeled a “civil rights” issue.  But, I do not join with the shouts of joy that somehow seem to say that “marrying a Black woman is no different than marrying a man.” I find such an analogy to […]

The Call for States Rights Baffles Many Minority Conservatives

Growing up in Texas, I consider myself a Texan and not a Southerner. I was raised in Fort Worth, the “City Where the West Begins.”  So my image of Texans centered on the rough and tough Wild West not the genteel cotillion throwing south. But, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was growing up […]

Local Domestic Issues in Tarrant County & the Lincoln Day Dinner

I live in Tarrant County, Texas, which is just west of the larger, better known, County of Dallas.  I grew up in Tarrant County and returned after law school in DC simply because my mother was so in love with the place that she would not even consider having her ashes brought to any other […]


The immigration law reform debate is becoming as nonsensical as the debate over the existence of weapons of mass destruction.   Something just needs to be admitted: Someone allowed weapons of mass destruction to be sold and the weapons were simply not found. Someone allowed 11 million people to be in the US illegally and now […]